Getting Started

How It Works

The first place to start is to download and install a software wallet. Each wallet acts as a network node and strengthens the network.


EcoCoin is a decentralized network of many independent computer nodes working together to securely transfer coins. A software wallet (node) is used to transfer coins safely, quickly, and for a very low fee to anyone else with an EcoCoin wallet. Security is ensured as every node verifies and must agree on all transactions using well established mathematics.

EcoCoins are rare and to protect their value, they are created in a slow and predictable manner. The total number of coins in 2017 are about 1,100,000 coins and grow at about 15% per year.

Getting a Wallet

A wallet is a piece of software that monitors the blockchain or public ledger of all transactions. It can be used to send and receive EcoCoins with the user's secret key. The public key is the address used as the destination for transferred coins.

To use a wallet, download and install it and then wait for it to synchronize with the network.


EcoCoin can be bought and sold by trading for other crypto coins on exchanges. You can convert fiat currency such as USD to crypto currencies to get started at sites such as Coinbase. Then visit one of the following exchanges to buy and sell EcoCoin.