Even the smallest acorn can grow into a mighty tree. EcoCoin is just starting to grow and with talented developers and a strong community, we can do amazing things.


  • Development of Linux Wallets
  • Development of Windows Wallet
  • Listing on Multiple Exchanges
  • Initial Marketing Campaign
  • Website Launch
  • Project Planting Trees
  • QR Code Wallet Address
  • Mac OS Wallet
  • Android Wallet
  • Getting Listed on Bittrex

Platform for Eco Experimentation

We face many environmental challenges today including climate change, extinction of plants and animals, and pollution of natural spaces. The solutions to these issues must be diverse and creative.

EcoCoin is a great platform for ecologic and economic experimentation. We welcome entrepreneurs and innovators to build their applications and environmental solutions using the EcoCoin network. Join us on our social networks to discuss new ideas. Here are some ideas our community has suggested or started to work on:

  • System for rewarding good behavior such as recycling
  • Experimental Economy
  • Charity Donation Drive
  • Eco Marketplace
  • Crowd Sourcing Ecological Projects
  • Marketplace for Environmental Related Jobs