Protect and honor our environment with crypto currency

EcoCoin is a crypto currency and community focused on protecting and honoring our environment.

Environmental Focus

How can a crypto coin benefit the environment?

Our planet and all of the living things who call it home face many challenges today. We must use all of the resources, collaboration, creativity, and new technologies like EcoCoin to help in any way possible. By making this the focus of our community, we will become a constructive force for positive ecological change.

Through our community and currency network, we will draw attention to environmental issues and support solutions. We will spread awareness of issues and existing solutions such as the efficient use of natural resources. Both small and local changes and larger efforts created by other organizations are necessary and welcome.


Our community can talk about small changes we can make in our own lives and research ways to get involved with other groups that support our goals. We can organize events where we do our part to help the planet and fundraisers to help meet our goals.

EcoCoin is a community where we can have fun, support each other's innovations, and make the world a better place! Join us on social media to help make a difference.

Why Ecocoin

EcoCoin offers several advantages over traditional currencies and other crypto currencies including:


You can send coins between wallets anywhere in the world in seconds.

Low Fees

It only costs a fraction of a coin to send EcoCoins to another wallet.



EcoCoin uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to achieve distributed consensus. This uses much fewer computational resources and is much more resource efficient than Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithms.


The decentralized network employs well established mathematics and a consensus system to ensure security. The wallet is open-source and available to review by other crypto experts.

Check out Getting Started to begin your journey. Uses discusses things you can do with EcoCoin. Look to our Growth section when you're ready to get more involved. Visit our News page and our social media accounts to stay up to date with the latest in EcoCoin!